The reader can only read during card consuming. Page 43 Section 5. This allows effective addressing of a specific bit and may be useful for blowing fuses in some cards. It is not installed on all configurations. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, for any purpose, without the express written permission of MagTek, Inc. This property contains the value of the communications protocol used by this device. They can not read tracks 1 and 3.

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IntelliStripe 380

The following describes each property this application supports. This command allows the application to select the connector to be used in commands that follow. Name Please enter name. There are two major categories of card types. This application deals with decoding and presenting magnetic stripe card data. Page 45 Section 5. Your magtfk has been sent.

Message Please enter your message. Or point us to the URL where the manual is located. The addition of this property is backwards compatible with such older products.


This application works closely with the transport application, which deals with card transportation and magnetic stripe data acquisition. If the notify read state is not set to OFF, then a notification message will be sent to the host when kagtek card is read.

Page 21 Section 4. The Magnetic Stripe application deals with decoding and presenting magnetic stripe card data.

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This property is the USB serial number. This application deals with the host controlled LED. Decrement value of block in RAM Data structure: Memory Card Support The bit address is added to the byte address to form the address of the first bit to be affected by the command. Page 27 Section 4. The magyek can only read during card ejection.

Generic commands are defined further elsewhere in this document. Email Please enter valid email address.

This property can be used to determine if the device has been reset. Le is the number of bytes to read Note that if the address given is outside of the bounds of the card in the mxgtek you may not get the expected results. A generic result code has a common meaning for different device applications. General Properties used by the whole application.


Use the property number of the desired tone sequence. Connector 0 is the User Connector, and is used by default when the system starts. This condition occurs only if the card requests VPP. This command is used to get decode status, card encode type, 3 track data lengths and decoded card data for 3 tracks.

Typical intellicat installation version | MagTek IntelliCAT User Manual | Page 4 / 5

The specified address is a bit address. The message format and contents are independent of the transport mechanism by which the messages are exchanged. Op Code one byteBlock one byte Data Response structure: This condition indicates that there was a parity error in a message received from the card. This application works closely with the Magnetic Stripe application.