I’ve contacted VillageTronic support about this several times, but they never responded. It initially wants to treat it like an extended desktop, but check a few boxes, move some monitors around, and viola you have a new primary monitor. Some sites suggest it doesnt fully support winXP disables hibernation? Noah, are you still using the Margi video card with your laptop? Any help would be greatly appreciated, I have been working on this for a while and can’t get anywhere.

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dual-head PCMCIA videocard – Thinkpads Forum

I have contacted Margi support with all of dispplay-to-go information and will hopefully get a helpful response. You can get into a real chicken-and-egg didplay-to-go with video settings.

Or is there some setting you need to change to activate the monitor’s DVI input? I’ve posed the question to the client, so we’ll see how he wants to go with it. There is virtually no detailed technical information about any NeoMagic chips besides the drivers.

Lou using old laptop with x and it only does it with external. This contains a lot of internal information which helps me to unlock disp,ay-to-go BIOS secrets. Now where did I put that DVI-in cable for my monitor I believe there’s a setting in XP to control what happens when you close the lid. I did try using it to solve this problem with no success. I presume in any case any slowness would apply to the external-card-display only, so I would be better off running the demanding graphics on the laptop screen or the built-in VGA screen, leaving the PCMCIA for less demanding displays.


I thought the same thing, but I think it goes displa-yto-go the fact that it dsiplay-to-go support higher resolutions that I am attempting to use just not the wide screen ratio.

Multimonitor PCMCIA Video Cards for Laptops

It is great to finally get full use of my 23″ monitor instead of looking at the black bars of dead space on the sides. Thank You for Submitting a Reply,! Either way it is a minor issue, if one at all.

Select type of offense: I also have to make sure the digital vs.

MARGI Presenter-To-Go – BMSoftware

A complete presentation solution providing corporate executives, sales and marketing professionals, educators and healthcare professionals with a simple, fast and flexible tool for the delivery of high-quality color presentations using their handheld device.

Wireless Presenter-to-Go Extension Display: Your Thinkpad running 98 or XP already supports two simultaneous displays. In a near future visplay-to-go will be greatly expanded with more detailed information about the internals of the Libretto including a disassembled BIOS.

It shows up as stretched and I don’t gain any desktop realestate, which was the goal or I can set the monitor to 4: The HP laptop in question is widely condemned for miserable graphics performance. My only thought is that this is a waste of time with respect to improving picture. Oh well, I was just about to say I found references to Powerstrip in the Dell forums.


The Margi card supports hibernation, the VTBook does not.

That’s what I’m hoping for. Does dropping the colours down to help? I have tried setting the colors down to 16 Bit the lowest it allows and there are no addtional resolutions available. From a quick look at the spec sheet it looks as though you should be able to drive a external monitor at a resolution up to x This monitor runs at X and I am unable to set my resolution to this so the monitor will work.

You could also run a 4-headed or 8-headed video card in the dock, but you may have to tweak the BIOS to get it going.

In my situation I will gladly deal with a little lag for the extra real-estate. I run a Radeon in the dock. I have not unhooked everything and then re-hooked it up to see what settings it retains, but after rebooting, everything stays the same and the card remains the primary monitor.

Nice display-to-og wide wiht lots of usable desktop space, but text is not as sharp as I thing would be possible with a better video card. And yes there are differences.