X10 building automation under Debian April 08, Once you have tested this post any follow up question and responses on the other thread as this helps others that may venture into the same territory and will no doubt be asking the same questions. I had actually tried the open source interface before, and it didn’t work. Many thanks, indeed that was from a millennium mostly missed by my search when the processing power of a Plug was called a workstation ;. Computer power supplies often have big capacitors sitting across the mains which can significantly degrade the X10 signal.

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X10 building automation under Debian April 08, Now we can first define our aliases for x10 housecode and module numbers that we need in the heyu configuraton file. This page was marmietk edited on 4 Decemberat I used this compiler to compile the software.

Marmitek X10 CM11 PC USB or Serial RS232 Interface Active Home Automation Module

Error failed to initialize connection with CM11 — trying again Error failed to initialize connection with CM11 — trying again Error failed to initialize connection with CM11 — trying again Error failed to establish connection with main interface.

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In Europe, permissible transmit power for X10 on the mains is so limited indeed that CFL lighting, starters and switching PSUs become much of an obstacle to the signal, in particular until a low-frequency, unlike PLC networking phase coupler has been installed. I had looked at installing X10 in the past because of its cheap price, but never got around to do it. Current time nowTimet localtime is: For instance; the simulation of presence is executed only when your alarm is activated.


Views Read View source View history. I already followed kenjon’s advice and ordered a Keyspan adapter, but, after reading the threads you noted, I may also give the Sweex cable a shot.

I’ve never had a problem with X10 causing interference. Please, enter the code that you see below in the input field. I standardized on X10 years ago and have never tried anything else.

Vera 3 & Marmitek X10 CM15Pro

Please see this wiki for more explanation on json api. Or is it compatible with another one?? Run this command to edit the cron. It is not sent over the air like WiFi. October 22, Please see some examples of defined.

Marmitek Network Card CMUSB User Guide |

The initial comment in the source code, “How to compile on Solaris 8”, gives you some indication of its lineage and the timeframe in which it was written, but it runs just fine on the Plug. I have got it workling together with a Raspberry PI. This website will mramitek you how that works in more detail.


Two things I recommend. The purpose of the the first part is to connect the hardware. Signals used With extras like extended codes, conditional macros and a built in transceiver, this product offers the functionality of a computer interface and a transceiver in one.

Marmitek CM11-USB Network Card User Manual

Marmitej of the things I xm11 I wouldn’t have to implement this time around was the sunrise equation which I also use with elevated horizons at I had actually tried the open source interface before, and it didn’t work.

This is for blocking bots that try to post this form automatically. Please add in domoticz the IP adres of your pi to the safe ip adresses that do not need to login. Google [Bot] Logout [ Google [Bot] ]. The connnection to the computer needa to be done with a serial to USB converter.

Once everything is set according to your wishes, you can enter this into the memory of the CM15Pro and turn off your computer. Page mwrmitek of 1.