Benji — you need to let people know what the actual piece of hardware is inside your external drive — is it a Matshita drive, for example? The genius’ said it was probably some other program geektool or nocturne causing it – which it definitely wasnt. Upgrading firmware is a sensitive operation. That’s right, it’s the same fsckinging thing. I am also under the impression that it is a software problem rather than a mechanical failure So again, when does the error occur and with what sort of media. Search Advanced From our Sponsor

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At a Loss May 7, at 2: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. When i insert a disc it starts up but appears not to recognise the disc i have tried several different discs. If you quit it, it will eject the DVD.

But being a cheapskate I had to try the low cost option first and voila! Apple gets what it pays for Review: It is confirmed to have a mashita drive as well.

Region Free DVD on Mac’s

In the end you have to do a risk-benefit analysis which you do every time you cross the road. Not foolproof but for those wary of flashing firmware.


Choose according to which model of mac and which model of drive you have. The limitation is double: I suspect doing what we did will work for most people in that case. And I will continue to provide nothing but quality to build trust like I have been doing for the past few years. If you need further information, please go to http: And I worked in three organizations as a volunteer to assist people. Follow This App Developer website: Mac’s have open firmware, but not a BIOS.

You need to download the “SimpleFlash. The disc inserts, which sounds weak compared to previous times when discs were inserted, and it spins, again, sounding rather weak, and then after seconds, the disc ejects.

Any idea if this issue is being addressed for the upcoming new line of Macbooks? Now my computer has had its 5 changes and is stuck on Region 4. At a Loss March 11, at 9: This flash process may not work for you, or in the worst case it could conceivably leave your drive is a worse state than before.


Well, is your problem occuring with DVD movies? Please, read the ReadMe. Know-it-all is just arguing semantics.

Mark — do a search for UJ85J on forum. If you wan to directly play your dvd movies from dvd disc, first you need to copy the dvd to dvd player media, which can be playable on Apple DVD Player. I’m really glad it worked for you.!

Region Free DVD on Mac’s | My Journey to Macintosh

So do not bank on being able to play multiple region DVDs by not setting the region in firmware. Perplexed April 4, at No similar apps have been recommended yet. The genius’ said it was probably some other program geektool or nocturne causing xvd – which it definitely wasnt. I use VLC on Linux.

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