Yes No I don’t have a dog. I wouldn’t want to do anything to my computer that i would later regret. I replaced 3 bytes with b1 02 Can we get an update for firmware v1. They might be similar enough you could replace one with the other, but they also might not be.

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Yes No I don’t have a dog. Actually, there is only one sata connexion, not two.

It is not a data table containing some form of initial register values. This is done the same way as with miicron other disk.

What is J Micron JMB 36x?

I mucron the slightest idea of what to do regarding this JMicron thing. If so, I would start with the first patched ROM the one that sets df[1: Duufus, I had in the past this card: I replaced 3 bytes with b1 02 It is, as the category suggests, a storage controller.

Option ROM jmb36d this to either 0xf1 or 0x The original bytes were e8 xx xxwhere e8 is the opcode for the CALL instruction, and the bit immediate operand is the relative branch target. Net is the opinions of its users. Mivron had some help from the option ROM release noteswhich gave some hints as to what the PCI config registers do or at least, supposed to do after being interpreted by the option ROM.


Sorry, forgot to update CRC. This seems to put the controller in AHCI mode.

These configuration registers seem to control the hardware directly. The information on Computing.

JMicron JMB363 eSATA Controller Drivers

Therefore, I chose to set register df[6] to cause the mmicron ROM to quit without detecting drives. Those three bytes used to be a function call to a function that would read a byte from the PCI configuration space register diand return the result in cl.

Can you work that changes at latest bios ver 1. The last byte of the file is used as a checksum.

JMicron JMB eSATA Controller Drivers JMB36X

Thanks for the advice. The option ROM loads, correctly reports connected drives, and allows booting from them.

It seems like bits [1: Register Function 43 Defaults to 0x Problems Only modifying register df[1: Unfortunately, the file is quite different.

Nothing’s jkb36x with my computer, yet. What am I missing? The release notes hints at the existence of a newer 1.


jmb63x I want to boot an ide hd from a jmb card. The problems with configuration register 0x are more problematic. BTW i am trying to set ide mode so i simply changed the 3 instances of b1 to 91 trying to put sata interface into legacy mode and set the checksum.

Linux sets register 0x41 to 0xa1, while the option ROM will set it to 0xf1 or 0x I speculate its purpose is to disable the option ROM, allowing the main BIOS to set up the rest of the device configuration without interference.

I did not experiment with the values of these bits except for toggling bit 6.