I lost the CD that can with my scanner. Connect the cable of your choice to the appropriate port on your computer and you’re almost ready to go. We’ve mentioned the negative conversion tools. Upper bed for scanning photos, and lower bed for scanning film, Separate light sources for each scan bed to ensure optimal scanning. It may not be a replacement for a DSLR, but it can complement one well for some uses. Finally, there are a couple of software items that speak to quality. Find out what’s new and notable about the Z6 in our First Impressions Review.

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In addition, this Microtek flatbed scanner features a practical shape allowing you to scan a variety of documents including photographs and pages within a book as well as anything that can lay flat. Given the wide latitude of negative film in general, compared with slide film in particular, this presents an interesting challenge to any scanner.

Microtek ScanMaker i900

The Lock It’s the small screw in the well Once positioned, you have to unlock the chassis as with any flatbed. Dual interface for maximum versatility, Easy plug-and-play microteek and high speeds achieved. Dual media design for scanning photos and film: I fear it has seen its day. Unchecking this box will not hide scanners that can accept imprinter units.


Thank you so much. Reduced to 8-bit channels, they were It scans the image in an infrared pass that maps the image defects and scans it for its visual properties.

The film scans were clear and sharp. Naturally, we had about dupes to scan. Twaain let’s look at the restoration tools. Mmicrotek Results for Microtek Scanmaker I Eleven, 12, even 14 bits are common, but the i captures a full 16 bits.

Microtek ScanMaker i and Windows 7 64 bit :(: PC Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review

We resolved this by carefully prodding the film back into the holder from the bottom, touching only the base with a gloved hand. Founded inthe company is headquartered in Industry Park in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Then we scanned some 35mm Tri-X negatives we’d developed ourselves.

Finally, we knew we’d be scanning some large files, so we wanted a fast connection. This page was designed to help you find Microtek Scanmaker I quickly and easily.

With much Appreciation, – Terry. I’m just telling you what worked for me, with the expectation that the newer version of ScanWizard will work as well for you. Every one of these three programs knows about ICC profiles and wants one for the 9i00 bed and another the transparency tray of the i View our privacy policy before signing up.

ScanMaker i900

Using microtem film holders, you can batch scan up to a dozen 35mm slides or frames from 35mm filmstrips. Terry, as I stated in my first reply, I have a different Microtek scanner. Paul Butzi – Explaining resolution and dynamic range tests with SilverFast Ai in comparison with Microtek’s ScanWizard demonstrating how SilverFast best preserves every fine detail and maximizes dynamic range.


Compare Microtek Scanmaker I side-by-side. And duping always results in a loss of quality. Adjust and process any negative for optimum results, with ability to create your own negative profiles, Adjust and process any negative for optimum results, with ability to create your own negative profiles. It’s using a Firewire connection and the only thing seen is that port, not the scanner so it’s drivers and software don’t get called up. Skip to main content.

Fortunately, Microtek’s two software solutions both include advanced negative conversion modules that, if nothing else, are excellent starting points. Connect the cable of your choice to the appropriate port on your computer and you’re almost ready to go.

Samples each scanned line multiple times, then obtains an average to distill top-quality data, Effectively minimizes signal fluctuations mircotek artifacts, Delivers purer image data and greatly enhancing the optical density range.