In this case insert the cd, tick Specify a Location and click Next. Right hand – Scanning from left to right Right hand – Scanning from right to left Left hand – Scanning from left to righ Left hand – Scanning from right to leftc. Plug in the Mini Scaneye into your computer’s USB port and a window will appear, welcoming you to the hardware installation wizard. When you want to correct a certain character, all you need to do is to leave your cursor on the character for seconds and a window showing a list of suggested corrections will be presented to you. Or you can also press the [Delete] on the keyboard to delete the characters. In the top left hand corner, input the text to be translated and explained in the field and click on to translate.

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mini scaneye ii driver

You also have on-demand bidirectional English and Chinese dictionary. Whatever you see, you can scan. This will invoke the same settings window that you have seen previously. Please enter correct email address.

Choose the destination folder to install the software. Click on the fifth button from the left and you will notice miji your English char- acters will be converted to the opposite case. This is a temporary stor- age area for your scanning results.

Complete Chinese learning tool with the pen scanner

English characters capitalization From the result box, you can convert English characters from upper case to lower case or vice versa. Penpower Chinese Expert let you review real pronunciation at any time and enhance your listening. When prompt for a directory to save it in, type the filename of your choice and choose the folder to save the picture in.


Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Penpower Transeye 4. In the translation software, you will notice other buttons which perform the following functions as illustrated below: Mini Scan Eye Description.

Software Features 1 Listening comprehension We employ the latest TTS Text to Speechand intelligent syntax technology, so you can listen to the correct pronunciation of single characters, phrases or sentences. Now you can actually make use of the inbuilt character combination function and combine both characters into 1 single character. Features A brand new ergonomic design Comfortable handle fits left and right-handed users.

You can perform the translation phrase by phrase, or choose to have the translation done to the whole paragraph at one time. At the same time, the result box will disappear too. Click on Finish to end the installa- tion. In the result box, highlight the characters to be deleted. Chinese — English Translation Translate phrases, characters, and articles between English and Chinese Correction and pre-emptive computing Spell-check function which predicts characters while correcting alignment now empowers you with a more accurate scanning flow.

This is usu- ally left as default. In the result box, click on the incorrectly recognized character ‘fn and a window will pop up listing possible characters.

Win Penpower Diamond Jr. Sophisticated Design Scan away effortlessly with the lightweight Mini Scaneye at 35g with the pen shape de- sign. By integrating mini ScanEYE II pen scanneryou can fast scan any document into Penpower Chinese Expert and utilize all the listening, reading, speaking, writing, and translation features this software has to offer. Character Combination When the strokes in a character are distanced too far from one another, they are usually recognised as different characters rather than 1 character.


On the top left hand comer, enter the English word that you want to look up in the dic- tionary and hit Enter.

Penpower products use a consistent representation for all the functions, ji it will be easy for the user to learn to use the product faster than most. Chapter 3 Character Input 3.

Connected to the USB port, it instantaneously recognizes and translates horizontally scameye or vertically aligned characters, doing away with all the complex usage proce- dures. Select your cd-rom drive Usually D: In the result box, highlight the characters.

Scan the characters W-W. Click on the Mini Scaneye icon in the taskbar beside the clock and click on exit to close the Mini Scaneye software. In similar fashion, input the Chinese character that you want to look up in the text field in the top left hand corner.