The newer athlons really need arctic silver, or similar ripoff. I then read reviews about this board and one of them stated a problem with this boards Nvidia Nforce chipset and certain brands of DDR memory. And as im only 17, i really hope i dont have a 13 year old kid, or i dont know what ive been doing. So I threw my hands up and went to bed Seems on autodetect that the DDR ram is Nov 28, 6. I used a Dlink Nic in my old pc but this one had the onboard nic so I opted to use that instead.

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Chips that “failed” Tier 1 standards are offered to Tier 2 buyers at a discount. That is were the real problem started though, as the computer is now booting up and powering down in irrgular intervals. I tried clearing the CMOS with the jumper and battery and everything but still nothing.

So not the 1: Sign up for freeit takes 30 seconds.

Yes, my password is: He has never seen anythign like it. Find all posts by Quarterr. Some even suggest that the NForce2 chipset overclocks memory by default, to gain a higher performance.


The Barton should be stable to at least x12 with the right DDR. Originally posted by debro [B]Just another thought. The DDR should be able to run atbut you will need to adjust the timings up to something like I’ve tried different settings in BIOS and right now it hasn’t powered down for the last 20 minutes, but I guess that’s because I have it set at right now.

Then it would throw a floppy drive fail 40 error. I also tried unplugging everything in the system except what I need.

Msi k7n2 + Amd Xp barton

The machine’s getting up there and a bit more juice can sometimes make the grade. I am selling my athlon and my msi k7n2 delta l. If so what speeds and voltages did you use? Sorry i cant help with k7b2 original problem! This could well be a power issue.

Have you overclocked it? Nov 17, 4.

MSI K7N2 Delta2 Platinum Athlon XP nForce2 Review

Updated the bios to version 3. We stuck a bootable floppy in but no go.

I tried moving a large video mpeg file from the C drive to the D drive and it said it would take 45 min!! I believe it is because I used less than tier 1 RAM.


HELP! Can’t get MSI K7N2 Delta-L to work with AMD XP 2600+ – Nothing happens!

It was horrible, my PC was operating like a Test the memory first though. Originally Posted by Quarterr.

When windows mxi back up it took a full on 10 minutes for all my normal programs to load in the taskbar. Do you happen to have some weblinks where people describe this solution thoroughly?

Time to shove those memory banks inside the vendors throat again? Anyway I was very frustrated at this point and went to watch tv and left the pc alone. I noticed that the Enermax watt had an extra power wire with P4 labeled on it and the K7N2 Delta board has the socket to plug it into so I did that also and still it did not correct my xo. Last edited by Quarterr; at Sounds very similar to my boot problems after I done my 1st build.