Press [Setting], [ ], [0], [2]. Select the following preset ratio. When delayed transmission has been registered. Press the command document you want to print. The convenient network printing function is standard and allows you to decentralize printing from the copy room to your small workgroup. The following display will appear when you press [Start].

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Muratec MFX-1430 Black & White Copier

Then enter a link and press [Enter]. The selected number will be deleted. Muratec F Quick Reference 28 pages.

The key will be highlighted after it is pressed. Page Press [Enter] to save the setting. Checking For New E-mail Enter the e-mail address. Page Select desired mode, and then press [Enter]. mhratec

Press [Color] again to return to the monochrome scan setting. Prinher entry can contain up to characters.

I-7 Storing and handling the toner and drum cartridges Set the document See page XXXX The drum is low. Advanced copy functions The table below lists the advanced functions that can be used in the Copy mode. Page The scanner lamp is dim or not operating.


For additional paper and cost savings receive your incoming faxes as two-sided printouts. Chapter Prrinter Started Machine overview Use the numeric keys to enter the protect passcode, and then press [Enter]. Scan size You can change the document scan size prior to scanning.

Department management When the department management setting is activated, the machine reminds each user to enter the department code before sending a document or making copies. Then, holding the toner cartridge with both hands, gently shake it to distribute the toner evenly inside the car- tridge. Gently remove the document from the ADF.

Re-mail This button will recall the last e-mail address you sent to. Try the call again.

Muratec Mfx | Mfx :: – Detailed Copier Specifications

Page To view the entire text message, press [View Text]. After you load paper into the paper cassettes, you need to set the paper size on the control panel. Setting the paper size Default setting: Open the ADF cover.


Management settings You can customize settings on your machine to match your needs. If placing the document on the document glass, the side to be copied should be face down.

Press [Complete] when all the documents have been scanned. Chapter Using the Address Book The address book Page If you want to cancel a command, select the command you want to cancel. Duplex copy Murztec can use this function to perform: Page – Registering or editing an FTP server sho If not, change to the copy mode by pressing [COPY]. Click [Print] from the File menu. Chapter Machine Settings Machine setting menu